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Horny lily. My name is Lily Singh my fans know me by Horny Lily. I was born to my Indian parents in Canada on 25th of April 1991. My parents hailed from two opposite parts of India, somehow they fell in love with each other and finally got hitched. I learnt Tamil from my mom and Hindi better from my Dad. Naturally, I had to learn English to talk with other people. You can watch me uttering dirty words in all these languages inside.

How I like it? I am a very wild woman with wild wild fantasies. Unlike a typical Indian woman, I like to actually experiment on bed. I love variety in love making, it can be a different sex position or just a tweak with foreplay. I love my partner to be intense and passionate towards me and not doing it just for the sake of releasing his cum. In a man, I love his sculpted arms and his back. But, when it comes to me I would love his everything so you can expect me licking and kissing and biting everywhere possible. With me there is no end to love bites.

How did I get the website idea? I was always naughty since childhood. I remember playing "adult" themed games with my young friends. Growing up I realized I am still exploring my sensuality & my website plays a better ground to not only explore myself thoroughly but also let the world see how passionate I am about myself! This website is such a boon to me, it lets me interact with you & helps you to enjoy and release your daily unnecessary tension. I am proud of myself because actually, I think I am doing a sexy social service!